me-image10Hey, my name is Seth Johnson and I’m an Online Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Coach with a passion to help others live their ideal lifestyles.

There has never been a better place and time than right now for anyone, regardless of background or skill-set, to reach their income and lifestyle goals, simply from the comfort of their computer.

This industry levels the playing field for the majority of us and my goal is to guide you on the path to success and wealth.

I began my online journey in 2007. I was driven online because I was in desperate need of a change.

Working 60+ hours a week at my offline business was literally killing me and left me completely burned out.

On top of it all, I was going through a divorce and desperately missing my two little girls.

Not to mention the debt that I was incurring daily. Everything was so overwhelming and left me in a really dark and depressed spot.

So I fired up my laptop and eagerly searched for a sustainable business model that I could leverage and hopefully get me out of debt and possibly replace my mundane offline business.

This was when I was first introduced to Affiliate Marketing.

So off I went, buying up every new “magic push-button system” that hit the marketplace, being peddled by these faceless marketers and guess what? I had Zero Results!

This went on for a while…

I decided I HAD to make this work or simply give up and concede and since quitting wasn’t an option, then I HAD TO MAKE IT WORK!

So what I did was seek out the top online entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers. I was going to basically find out exactly what they were doing and hopefully emulate it for myself.

This search led me to my now mentor and Partner. What I learned from him was that there are 3 main pillars you MUST have in your business if you want to succeed.

Fast forward to today, I now run a couple of successful online businesses thanks to my mentor, and have really enjoyed the opportunity to help many start generating income following the same system I use daily.

Also, I’m happily remarried, able to travel the world and spend more time with my kids, not worrying about finances.

I owe it all to following this system and training that you will learn here.

To your success online and off!

– Seth Johnson