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Create Wealth Online By Avoiding These Pitfalls

The simple and short answer is, “Yes“. Of course there are a myriad of reasons why the overwhelming majority that seek this lifestyle fail. In this post I will lay out why anyone can create wealth online, regardless of background, and how you can almost guarantee your success by following a few key rules and avoiding the sure-fire pitfalls.

Why So Many Fail To Create Wealth Online

I will start this off by saying that one reason why so many fail to create wealth online is NOT because of the lack of tools, training and resources. The internet is loaded with valuable information on how to generate income from the leisure of your home and laptop. The problem that faces so many, is the weeding through all the BAD or fluff-filled information circulating the web. This leads to my first reason to why over 97% fail at making money online.

The “Shiny Object” Syndrome

Ok, I must admit. I suffered from this dreaded disease in my early days online and it is an absolute killer. Not only to your wallet, but also and possibly even more importantly, to your time. Time is one thing you will never get back.

To cure yourself from this, you must do two things. First, go through your email inbox and unsubscribe from all those faceless marketer’s pitching every product under the sun. If the marketer hasn’t delivered you and value, meaning given you a profit-pulling or business growing training in the last 30 days or so, he/she is of no use to you and is only sidetracking you from hitting your goals.

Secondly, understand that all of these so-called “make $10k by this time tomorrow” offers are complete and utter B.S. They have never worked and never will work. Period.

You will not find fast riches and push-button magic systems to create wealth online. Think about it, if they worked, don’t you think these clueless marketer’s would be making a killing actually using the systems themselves, instead of peddling it to you to buy for a few bucks?

You must look at it as a real business. Just because you’re not at a brick and mortar, doesn’t mean it’s any less of a business. This brings me to the next reason why so many fail online…

You Don’t Treat It Like A REAL Business

If you are wanting to create wealth online you must start behaving like an entrepreneur. This means understanding that there will be a few essentials that must be in place and there WILL be costs. However, If you follow what I’m going to show you and teach you here at website, these costs will be mere investments in yourself and your new online business.

Also, it’s good to set a proper work schedule. Just because you are working online, doesn’t mean you can fade in and out with your business. Be present and block off a certain amount of time each day to work in your online business. Do this religiously. Consistent action produces results one way or the other.

When Things Get Tough, You Abandon Ship

Granted, most of the courses and products being pushed online today are pure crap. True. However, did you know that 90% of people that buy these products never stick to it for longer than two weeks? Heck, 10% don’t even open the course up to give it a look. That’s absolutely insane to me.

For the 10% that don’t even have a peek at the course, I have no answer for you. The rest of you, that try it for a few days then throw in the towel, there is hope.

Let me explain…

I started an affiliate marketing course from a guy I had a lot of respect for back in 2007. His training was great, showing me the right way to find offers to promote and drive targeted traffic etc.

I put his methods to work for 3 weeks. I made no sales, and of course no money. So I fired off a rather mean email to the product creator explaining that I’d done everything in the training and had zero success. His reply was simple and to the point. “Seth, you’re 20 days in and are so close to breaking through, just stick with it…”

Reluctantly, I did and 8 days later I had 3 sales for $150. Then the following week, I made over $1,100. If I’d quit and given up at the first sign of adversity, then I wouldn’t of had those break throughs.

If you stick to a proven and time tested plan, and avoid these certain topics I’ve discussed in this post, then you are already light years ahead of the the game. Creating wealth online is not about making a dollar here and there, but driving consistent income into your bank account and building an asset that you can continually build.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to receive more tips, training and resources from myself then sign up for my newsletter on the right sidebar.

To your success online and off!

– Seth Johnson





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