email marketing is dead

Is Email Marketing Dead?

I laugh when people ask me, “Why are you still email marketing… Don’t you know it doesn’t work anymore…

Well, I guess I don’t know, because this is completely false. Email marketing is a live and well and in many cases stronger than ever.

Did you know that over 200 billion emails are sent daily, and that on average, people that work in a business office receive 100+ daily?

This proves that this type of marketing flat out works.

Granted, probably half or even more are spam that end up in your email junk folder, but still, you can’t deny the sheer numbers that are being sent out.

So How Many Emails Are Actually Getting Open

The email open rates really vary on the industry or niche. In the travel and health market, it’s around 35%. In my business, the online business (MMO) it’s closer to 20%.

This is still getting a lot of targeted eyeballs on your email.

A good way to increase your open rates is to have an appealing subject line and offer the subscriber something free of value inside the body of the email. Also, the time of the day you send the email plays a big role in the open rates.


Solid Email Marketing Strategy

It’s important to understand that if you are a marketer and you use email marketing to sell your products or services, then you have to follow a proven blueprint to see consistent results.

Most of your sales coming from email marketing, will occur after that subscriber has seen your offer at least 6 times. So many people give email marketing a try, and when they don’t see sales come in right away, they assume it is dead and doesn’t work.

This is why you need an email marketing plan in place.

In my business, I have two weeks of email follow-ups already loaded into my autoresponder and are sent out on my behalf daily. This automation allows me to work on other parts of my business and brings me in sells daily.

After the 14 emails are sent, I then send broadcast or live emails to my list every day, keeping them engaged and offering them more value and training.

This approach has allowed me to earn 85% of all my revenue using email marketing.

Having seen the results first hand, I can conclude that email marketing isn’t dead and will continue to grow as the world becomes more dependent on their smart phones and technology.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you’re currently looking for a way to start an online business or grow an existing online business, then it will benefit you to have a look at my digital business system. Having this training, and business model in place has given me the time freedom and lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

To your success online and off!

-Seth Johnson





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